Nick Brown, Freelance Trainer & Coach

I have had the pleasure of training alongside Karen on many occasions. These are her main skills and personal qualities that combine to make her such an accomplished Trainer & Consultant:

1. Attention to detail. When arranging a training event Karen pays close attention to the needs of the participants ensuring that they feel comfortable and safe and therefore able to maximize their learning.

2. First class facilitation skills. Karen is a caring and sensitive facilitator who manages to achieve the right mix of safety and challenge according to the nature of the group in front of her. She empowers people to speak up and to be honest and respectful group members.

3. Confident and compelling presenter. Karen is passionate about the issues and information she is presenting. She gets her messages across in a way that is both positive and accessible.

4. Ability to deal with difficult issues in the training room. Karen responds in a careful and where necessary assertive way to situations in the training room that if left unaddressed can get in the way of people learning. If a participant becomes distressed for whatever reason she provides fantastic support and usually enables the person to remain in the group.

5. Demonstrating empathy. I have seen Karen use this ability on numerous occasions which means that her participants feel understood and able to be honest about their responses to the training.

I have no hesitation in recommending Karen to you as an exceptional Trainer and Consultant.

Nick Brown
Freelance Trainer & Coach (Mental Health & Suicide Prevention)