Stress is now a major factor causing sickness absence from work and with the advent of the ‘Fit Note’ which replaces the ‘Sick Note’ we can help your organisation understand that being in a healthy workplace in any capacity can be beneficial to recovery and stress reduction and encourage staff to want to return to work.

Addressing the problem at various levels can help your organisation promote wellbeing and reduce sickness absence. Our courses are designed to help create mentally healthy workforces who are able to deal with change – as this is now the norm, manage their own stress levels and build their own resilience.

But it’s not down to the workforce alone. This strategy can only work with full support and buy-in from the whole organisation, which is why we work at all levels and encourage participation from all levels.


Full Day

  • Stress Reduction & Building Resilience – For Managers/Supervisors/Team Leaders
  • Stress Reduction & Building Resilience – For Workforce

The full day course involves a comprehensive and interactive learning experience giving delegates the time to explore scenarios, discuss and formulate action plans.

Duration: 10am-4pm


Conference Session Delivery

Stress Reduction – An introduction

Duration: Approx. 30-45 mins to suit need



Stress Reduction & Building Resilience

Change is now the norm but accepting it, moving through it and getting past it can require mental toughness and resilience.

Sometimes we need to ‘reframe’ what is happening in our lives to avoid negative impact. But this is not always easy.

In order for us to understand how to reduce stress and prevent it from affecting us we need to know what it is, where it comes from and what our triggers are. We also need to know how to build and improve our resilience to enable us to cope with what comes our way.

  • Be aware of the various sources of stress that affect us
  • Understand the impact it has on our bodies; physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Be aware of how to reduce stress levels brought on through their own behaviours and those of the organisation
  • Know how to build and develop their own resilience
  • Know how to be emotionally intelligent
  • Know what the signs and symptoms of stress are and how to spot them
  • Be able to draw on their own skills and feel empowered to look inward as well as know what else is out there for support
  • Have learned about the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’

It’s important for all concerned that both managers and workforce receive the same information. So in addition to the above, the course package for Managers includes:

  • Some pre-course work involving a 360º feedback questionnaire that both they and members of their team complete.
  • The role of a manager/team leader/supervisor in reducing and preventing stress
  • Best management practice

Course Packages Available

  • Please contact us to find out more and discuss your options. We offer a FREE consultation to discuss your company’s needs before putting together a bespoke training package for you.
  • Timings can be tailored to suit you and half day versions are available.
  • Shift patterns can be accommodated.
  • All our courses have been tried and tested resulting in excellent feedback and recommendations. Read what people are saying.
  • Certificates are given to all attendees who complete the courses

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