What are the benefits

For the Company:

    Ability to provide mental health first aid

  1. Improved health and wellbeing of workforce
  2. Improved motivation, commitment and morale
  3. Improved workforce engagement and ownership
  4. Harder working and more productive workforce
  5. Improved teamwork and communication
  6. Lower turnover of staff leading providing talent retention and loyalty
  7. Lower sickness absence rates
  8. A resilient, happy and fulfilled workforce, more able to cope with change and challenge

For the Managers:

  1. Consistent and skilled leadership and management practice
  2. Improved job satisfaction and confidence
  3. Self-awareness of own stress triggers
  4. Greater awareness of signs and symptoms of mental ill-health
  5. Ability to provide mental health first aid
  6. How to build and maintain a positive and resilient team
  7. Improved communication skills
  8. Improved productivity of self and team resulting in greater earning potential and promotion prospects

For the Employees:

  1. Awareness and ability to manage own health and wellbeing
  2. Improved morale, outlook and attitude to others
  3. Awareness of signs/symptoms of mental ill-health and own triggers
  4. Feeling of empowerment and greater involvement in business activity
  5. Improved productivity; greater earning potential and promotion prospects
  6. Improved relationship skills, both at work and at home